Do you suffer from a painful condition? Do you have severe pain and restricted mobility due to chronic inflammatory joint, bone, cartilage or soft tissue diseases (signs of wear) or inflammation of joints or tendons?

If this is the case, low dose radiation therapy can be the right pain-relieving solution for you.


Strahlenzentrum Hamburg can manage pain effectively.


We’re the experts in low dose radiation therapy.

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Clinical studies underscore just what an impact this therapy makes. As a result, you can hope to achieve full, or nearly complete pain relief.

Non-invasive low dose radiation therapy at our clinic can make a big improvement to your mobility.


Your orthopaedist, surgeon or family doctor will usually refer you for low dose radiation therapy.

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German health insurers will also pay for the treatment

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Low dose radiation therapy, LDRT, is also referred to as radiotherapy for benign illnesses, or radiotherapy for osteoarthritis. The therapy is carried out using a linear accelerator. In contrast to malignant diseases, the dose of radiation is significantly lower.

At Strahlenzentrum Hamburg, low dose radiation therapy is used in particular to treat inflammatory diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system. It also acts on excessive growth of scar tissue or also on excessive bone growth in places where it’s not intended. Low dose radiation therapy has an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving impact on osteoarthritis. The tissue isn’t damaged in the process and no changes are made to the bones.


Other therapeutic areas: heel spurs also respond well to low dose radiation therapy. It’s is also good at treating other connective tissue diseases of the foot and hand, such as Plantar fibromatosis or Dupuytren’s contracture (and especially in the initial phase).


An interesting fact:

  • We’ve carried out more than 50,000 sessions of low dose radiation therapy at Strahlenzentrum Hamburg
  • Every year, we treat more than 2,000 patients with benign conditions at our clinic.
  • Low dose radiation therapy is used to successfully treat more than 50,000 patients with benign conditions throughout Germany every year – and the trend is rising
  • A more than 90% success rate speaks for itself
  • This is a pain-relieving therapy with no side effects   
  • With a long-lasting effect
  • Resulting in much better mobility
  • Clinical studies have corroborated its effectiveness, meaning that German health insurers will pick up the costs


It’s usually carried out over 1 to 3 courses. One course consists of 6 sessions. One single session of low dose radiation often only takes a few seconds and you feel no pain. 


Significant pain relief is not immediate, but usually noticeable after a few weeks. If the pain still persists after several months and hasn’t improved dramatically, low dose radiation therapy at the Hamburg clinic can be repeated.

You can find a range of diseases treated with low dose radiation therapy at Strahlenzentrum Hamburg. Get in touch with us if you can’t find your disease.

During a consultation, we’ll see if low dose radiation therapy is suitable for you.


Low dose radiation therapy means exposure to radiation is very low, so you won’t perceive treatment as very stressful or have any side effects.

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The first consultation with our experts will allow you to discuss all details of your up-and-coming radiotherapy, or radiosurgical Cyberknife treatment in Hamburg. Please feel free to put any questions or voice any concerns. A consultation in English is also no problem. At the same time, we’d like to gain as detailed a picture as possible of you and the progression of your disease. We’d also like to hear about any diagnostic and therapeutic measures already carried out. Your radiotherapist will explain the procedure and treatment goal, as well as possible side effects, in a clear and detailed manner. We will also discuss alternatives to radiotherapy if these are appropriate for you. 

We take the time to guide you through this new, unfamiliar situation so that you can make a fully informed decision. If you wish, please take some notes and bring your partner, a family member, or a person you trust to the consultation. It’s ideal if we can review your medical records a few days before this consultation. These are easy to upload HERE. The records and diagnostic images (CT, MRI or PET) allow our team to assess your medical history and consult other doctors treating you or your surgeon if required.


Our radiotherapists and physicists plan your radiotherapy at Strahlenzentrum Hamburg in detail. In this case, we’re aiming for maximum efficiency but a minimum risk to surrounding healthy tissue. We use imaging techniques like computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to establish the exact location of the tissue requiring treatment. We then define the optimum volume and configuration for the region requiring radiation. We also calculate the best radiation dose and distribution for you. 

A consistent procedure demands you adopt exactly the same position for each treatment. We make customised positioning supports for you to ensure this is the case.

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A laser beam helps us to align the radiotherapy device with the markings and check positioning is accurate. During the treatment, you lie down and relax in the therapy room. An intercom and video system keep you in constant contact with our team. Should you experience any problems or discomfort, we can stop the radiotherapy at any time if necessary. Low dose radiation therapy only takes a few seconds each time.

We’d be happy to answer your questions about special skin care or personal care, diet and any other routines.

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A detailed final consultation with your radiotherapist will be carried out after you last session. We want to engage with you personally and as healthcare specialists. We’ll discuss post-treatment care options and examinations. And above all, we’ll want to know how you’re feeling.

There’s nothing more important than your health. And we’ll treat you with the utmost respect and give you top priority.