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Our focus is on you as a human being

There’s nothing more important than your health. And we’ll treat you with the utmost respect and give you top priority. 

Everything’s always tailored to your needs.

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I was treated like a human being here

Bernhard W., 78 years, 

Prostate cancer patient

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“I came to the Strahlenzentrum Hamburg with a prostate cancer diagnosis in 2020 and was very anxious. You hear so many dreadful things about this illness. Quite apart from the fact that I never, ever thought it would affect ME of all people. And suddenly, I had this shocking diagnosis. My wife helped me research the therapy options online and we both chose radiotherapy at the Strahlenzentrum Hamburg in Langenhorn. 


The doctors and their team are all incredibly friendly and helpful. Everything was explained to me in great detail and all my doubts and concerned addressed. I did have reservations about radiotherapy and was allowed to voice my concerns openly. Today, I’m very happy and delighted to be free of cancer. My wife and I are very happy about the outcome of the therapy. I’m in the same shape as I was before.”

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I’m no longer afraid

Marla M., 44 years,

Breast cancer patient

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“I’m afraid of hospitals and surgery above all. I’ve always been like that. I decided to undergo radiotherapy at the Strahlenzentrum Hamburg because I discovered that this breast cancer therapy can be carried out without no anaesthetic and no long stays in hospital. Apart from that, it has no serious side effects and no grave long-term impact. I felt very at ease in this radiotherapy clinic in Langenhorn. The team talks to you as an equal. And they make a lot of time for you, which is very reassuring.”